Trhueva Trío is formed by the Spanish saxophonists Pablo González Balaguer and Alejandro Oliván López, and the Italian pianist Sinforosa Petralia. After meeting and becoming good friends in 2016 in Basel (Switzerland), the city where the three currently reside and develop artistically, Trhueva Trío focuses its attention on the work of chamber music and the search for new possibilities of this particular formation.


Since its inception, the three have aimed at the interpretation of the great piano trio works, primarily for violin and cello. This is how they established their "standard training" in soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone and piano.


The connection of this trio was immediate, as the three musicians develop a very wide chamber music activity: Pablo is part of Anlauf Duo, Klexos, IbSu Quartet, Concept Store Quartet among others. Alejandro has founded the Gyre Ensemble and Égaré Quartet groups, and Sinforosa is a member of the Sinfonietta Container and Made in Trio. In addition, Sinforosa is the accompanist pianist of the masters Sergio Azzolini (Bassoon) and Marcus Weiss (Saxophone). Of his winning competitions, BOG Wettbewerb undoubtedly stands out, having been a participant in the creation of this trio: After winning all three the first prize of the contest they were invited to play together in the prestigious chamber music cycle held in Switzerland.


In their respective careers as soloists, the three have played with important orchestras, such as Kammerorchester Basel, ORCAM, Sicilian Symphony Orchestra, Massimo Theater Symphony Orchestra and JOGV; and in numerous countries, highlighting the USA, Canada, México, Perú, Chile, China and most of Europe.


Among Trhueva Trío's upcoming projects, is a highlight his new invitation to the BOG cycle of chamber music in Switzerland, and his premiere as a trio at the Swiss Foundation for Young Musicians.