Founded in 2016, Klexos is one of the emerging ensembles with more projection on the national and international scene within the field of new contemporary music creation. Committed to innovation and working hand in hand with young composers, they are a sample of the new generation of performers involved in contemporary thought, in contact with the innovations that have emerged as a result of the avant-garde movements throughout Europe.


This new model of performer represents and defends a revision of the canon of traditional interpretive practice, and personifies, through his work, an opening towards terrains until now little used in established musical practices. In their shows they combine performance, video installation and interdisciplinary resources, derived from dance or theatre, with the use of new technologies applied to stage creation.


Thanks to their experimental spirit and the continuous search and renovation of the group, they have taken their proposal to venues in Europe and America (Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France, Estonia, Mexico, Chile, Peru). Always looking for a similar profile in the way of understanding musical creation, they work with different composers of the international scene such as Andreas Eduardo Frank, Luciano Azzigotti, Gonzalo Navarro, David Moliner, Pedro González, Matías Fernández or Keith Moore.